Our Programme

Empowering Residents at Elizabeth Fry House 

Residents at our Approved Premises enjoy access to a wide range of rehabilitative activities designed to assist them in addressing the issues that contributed to their previous offences. Our goal is to equip them with the essential skills needed to lead a life free from further offending.

Explore some of our key programmes below:

Yoga and Meditation for Well-being

As part of our commitment to holistic well-being, weekly yoga sessions take place at Elizabeth Fry House.

Community Forum

At Elizabeth Fry Charity, we believe in fostering a sense of community and transparency. Our  Community Forum provides residents with the opportunity to interact with our staff team, ask questions, and actively contribute to the operation of the Approved Premises.

Restorative Life Skills Programme

Our six-week Restorative Life Skills programme offers valuable insights, including:

Developing restorative and relational communication skills.
Enhancing self-awareness, emotional literacy, and listening abilities.
Understanding behaviour as a form of communication.
Building conflict prevention and resolution skills.
Creating social capital within families, teams, and workplaces.

Therapeutic Gardening

Offering residents with an opportunity to learn gardening skills, how to grow your own food at home, whilst also being a positive way to work together in the fresh air.

Preparing for Independent Living

Our “Preparing for Move On” group sessions aim to equip residents with the knowledge and practical skills needed for a successful transition to independent living. We provide guidance on housing options, tenant rights and responsibilities, budgeting, and connecting with relevant agencies in the move-on area. We understand the challenges of this phase and aim to alleviate anxieties while encouraging active involvement in the process.


Building Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are dynamic and evolving. Sessions explore personal boundaries, qualities of a healthy relationship, warning signs of unhealthy relationships, and conflict resolution in a healthy manner.


Healing from Trauma

This session is designed to facilitate the healing process from the effects of violence and trauma. It fosters a safe environment for participants to acknowledge and understand the impact of abuse in women’s lives while building essential skills for healing.


Team Building

Discover the power of teamwork and how it can enhance communication skills and boost confidence, both in personal and professional settings.



Visiting has shown me that residents here are well cared for and have lots of activities and groups to support them. Premises and rooms are very clean and homely, and staff are friendly

Colleague from partner agency

Next Steps Towards Employment

Prepare for your next career move with our support, whether it’s paid employment or voluntary work. Participants receive assistance with updating CVs, job searches, application forms, and interview preparation. Smartworks, a women-focused employment organisation works in partnership with us to help residents re-enter the workforce.


Vision Boards for Goal Setting

Create a vision board to visualise and work towards your dreams in a supportive and safe environment. Vision boards serve as motivating tools to achieve your aspirations.


Understanding the Pathways to Offending

Examine potential reasons for offending and the impact of crime in a groupwork session. Reflect on the Cycle of Change and explore steps toward a crime-free life.


Building Resilience

Cultivate resilience to bounce back from life’s challenges and setbacks. Learn diverse coping skills, including rational thinking, mental and physical health strategies, and the support of those around you.

Nutrition for Mental Well-being

Understand the connection between diet and mood. Our four-session program teaches residents to cook healthy, budget-friendly meals. Participants can also earn a Food Hygiene qualification for future use.


Diversity and Inclusion

Explore the significance of diversity, the impact of discrimination, and the celebration of differences. Discuss issues related to political correctness, victimisation, and the positive aspects of diversity.


Managing Addiction and Recovery

Our Substance Misuse Worker leads a weekly support group covering various recovery topics, providing a non-judgmental and supportive environment for residents at different stages of their recovery journey.