Rebecca's Story


Rebecca did not want to come to Elizabeth Fry House. She was hoping that she would be released to live with her family. However, some time before the release date, she was told about the referral to the Approved Premises. The prospect of a three month placement was daunting for her. The anxiety around being released created lots of mixed feelings.

Anxiety about reverting to self-destructive coping behaviours such as self-harming, using substances, engaging in risky behaviours is real. It is not easy to manage all this, but even harder when all you know and are used to is changing drastically. You may feel like you have little control. Rebecca felt it all and was worried.


However, Rebecca did do something which was crucial to her success – she recognised that she still had a choice, and, when you have a choice you are in control. She chose to come to the House as instructed and take things from there.


She also allowed herself to create her own opinion about the Approved Premises. This seems easy but we all know that changing someone’s beliefs can be hard work.

A week into her placement Rebecca said “I cannot believe that I am actually saying this, but I like it here at Elizabeth Fry”. It is a statement of Rebecca’s flexibility of thinking and maturity. Rebecca has been able to make a choice and control her own experience, which ultimately has changed her future.

Rebecca has settled in very well, created some positive relationships with other residents and staff.


She started to attend weekly counselling sessions, work with the Substance Misuse Worker, Housing and Link Worker and her Placement Supervisor.


This does not mean that life is now completely smooth and worry free. Rebecca still faces some difficult moments, but is taking control of her life and getting closer to her move on date.