New Artwork from HMP Send

Written by: Fiona· 22 September 2023

Members of the staff team at Elizabeth Fry House had the privilege of attending the “Our Time” art exhibition at HMP Send. An ex-resident invited us to go along and view their remarkable artistic talents. At the event, Petra’s painting titled “How Music Overcomes” left a profound impression on our team.

We decided at that  we needed to buy the piece and have it displayed at the House for the entire Elizabeth Fry community to appreciate and enjoy!


Petra says of “How Music Overcomes” and being involved in the “Our Time” exhibition:

“I came to ‘Our Time’ and the Watts programme at HMP Send unsure who I was as an artist. Through art I travel back to my childhood in Slovakia, capturing life’s moments that I wish to immortalise on canvas.
Art unlocks my mind – I wish I could just paint all day, every day!

I use painting as a therapy, with individual brush strokes representing emotional escapism from unpleasant reality. The magic of art is a window to my mind, opening secret passages to bring peace.

I hope this is explains why being part of ‘Our Time’ positively impacts my life in prison. Thank you for reading this and looking at my painting.”



I qualified as a Probation Officer in 2003 and  have been Chief Executive at Elizabeth Fry Charity since 2008.

I find my role hugely rewarding and am committed to working with Trustees and the staff team to ensure that the Charity continues to grow and provides the highest quality service to women in the criminal justice system.

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