Elizabeth Fry host National Prison Radio Takeover

Just before I left HMP Send, I wrote to the Managing Editor of National Prison Radio to ask if I could do any volunteer work for the station. I had been a regular contributor to the Rock Show which he often presented so he was familiar with my crazy paper and jokes plus the wide range of requests I used to make. So when he wrote and told me he had arranged to do an Elizabeth Fry takeover day I was really excited.

In the programme, some of the women talk about their experiences of the hostel and how it has helped them to move on. There are some very touching personal accounts, particularly Sarah who bares her soul when it comes to her experience of Substance Misuse and the support the drug worker Juliette and local groups are giving her. For her every day is a battle and just being 3 days clean is a major achievement. She has been here 8 weeks, which is longer than she has lasted outside before. Carlene is very frank about not wanting to originally come to the hostel after a long time inside but she survived the curfews and appreciated the extra support which has allowed her to move on to a flat in Reading where she has been for the past 4 weeks and came back to do the show.

Gemma interviewed Magda who is a key worker and Offender Supervisor here. She was very lively and honest about the support she could give and the boundaries which could not be crossed.

As well as interviews, the team recorded song requests, a quiz, a work out song and adverts for the show. We all gained experience in interviewing techniques, using a radio mic, voice coaching, presentation and team work.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us and helped bring us confidence and valuable work skills. It has made me want to do more radio journalism again as it is a long time since I worked on Radio Thamesmead. 

To listen to the radio show in full, click on the links below:

170919 Elizabeth Fry Takeover P1.mp3
170919 Elizabeth Fry Takeover P2.mp3
170919 Elizabeth Fry Takeover P3.mp3


Elizabeth Fry host National Prison Radio Takeover