Counselling Funding

We are delighted to have received 12 months funding to provide a counselling service for residents from the Tampon Tax Fund via Berkshire Community Foundation.

This enables a fully trained counsellor to attend the premises each week to meet with residents who wish to access this support. Since the counselling project was established in March 2012 over 900 hours of counselling has been delivered to over 205 residents.

Residents who have engaged in the service have provided the following feedback:

" Thanks to my therapist I have come out a completely different person. It has been life changing". 
"My therapist was very good at helping me face difficult times I have had".
" I wasn't sure how this would help, but I was surprised how much I got out of seeing her and learnt a lot about myself and how to help myself and be kind to myself. Thank you".

A further 200 hours of counselling can now be provided, thanks to this funding.

Counselling Funding