Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

To accommodate, support and provide opportunities to the widest range of women offenders in line with Elizabeth Fry's original ethos.

Our Values

We believe:

  • Everyone is capable of change
  • Everyone should be listened to, and treated with respect
  • Everyone deserves to live and work in a safe environment
  • Everyone should be treated fairly and consistently

What is an Approved Premises?

Approved Premises are premises approved under section 13 of the Offender Management Act 2007. They provide accommodation, support and monitoring to men and women in the criminal justice system who are assessed as posing a medium to very high risk of harm to others. Most of the people who come to Approved Premises have been released from custody on licence, but there are a small number who are on bail or who have been sentenced to community sentences.
Elizabeth Fry House is a 24-bed Approved Premises for women.
There are over 100 Approved Premises in England and Wales. ‚ÄčElizabeth Fry is one of only 14 Approved Premises provided by Independent organisations rather than the Probation Service.
Elizabeth Fry is one of nine Approved Premises for women in England and Wales.