Information for Referrers

Making a Referral

How are referrals made to Elizabeth Fry Approved Premises?
Referrals are made by the resident's Offender Manager to the Central Referral Unit for Women via NDelius. Referrals should be made six months prior to release.

​We consider women convicted of all types of offences and will offer a placement having considered whether the risk of serious harm to self and others can be managed at Elizabeth Fry House.

​Women can come to Elizabeth Fry House on HDC licence.

In order to process a referral we require a completed referral form and supporting information including previous convictions, pre-sentence report, OASys, risk assessment, details of current medication and any other relevant information, for example mental health reports and MAPPA minutes.

We are always happy to discuss potential referrals if you are unsure whether a placement at the Approved Premises is appropriate. Please contact the Approved Premises if you are a member of Probation or prison staff and wish to discuss a referral.